2013 Grant Recipients

Forty-three groups representing 30 of the City’s 79 neighborhoods submitted project proposals. The projects ranged from neighborhood gardens, to sidewalk and infrastructure improvements, to entrepreneurial programs for youth and at-risk populations.

Seven projects were selected to receive the $5,000 grant. Learn more about each project by clicking on their titles below.

Bevo Gardens
Neighborhood: Bevo Mill
Sustainability Category: Education, Training & Leadership

Dogtown Sustainability Celebration
Neighborhood: Franz Park
grant winners summitSustainability Category: Arts, Culture & Innovation

McKinley Meadows
Neighborhood: McKinley Heights
Sustainability Category: Health, Well-Being & Safety

Painting Sustainability
Neighborhood: Forest Park Southeast
Sustainability Category: Infrastructure, Facilities & Transportation

Sweet Sensation
Neighborhood: The Greater Ville
Sustainability Category: Prosperity, Opportunity & Employment

Thurman Gateway
Neighborhood: Shaw
Sustainability Category: Urban Character, Vitality & Ecology

West End Biker’s Club
Neighborhood: West End
Sustainability Category: Empowerment, Diversity & Equity


The 2013 project selection jury included the following representatives from the City of St. Louis: Charles Bryson (Mayor’s Office), Don Roe (Planning and Urban Design Agency), and Catherine Werner (Sustainability Director); the Local Sustainability Funders Group of St. Louis: Dave Berger (St. Louis-Jefferson Solid Waste Management District), Bridget Flood (Incarnate Word Foundation), Luis Naranjo (Wells Fargo Advisors), John Sweet (W. A. Kerr Foundation); and from the St. Louis City community: Stephen Acree (Regional Housing and Community Development Alliance), Tracy Boaz (Missouri Department of Conservation), Yvonne Sparks (Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis), and Todd Swanstrom (UMSL).