Dogtown Sustainability Celebration

Neighborhood: Dogtown
Project Location: Franz Park and Clayton Tamm
Project Sponsor: Franz Park Community Association
Sustainability Plan Category: Arts, Culture & Innovation

expo asset mapping

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The Dogtown Sustainability Celebration (DSC) involved residents from the Dogtown community in a celebration of sustainability, education, and music. It established a framework for connecting the community’s assets for long-term sustainability. The Sustainable Dogtown program had four main components:

1)   The Dogtown Sustainability Expo in conjunction with the Dogtown Street Musicians Festival on September 21st, 2013. During this event, the Sustainable Dogtown program educated attendees on rainwater harvesting, composting, recycling, native plants and getting involved in community associations.

2)   A Neighborhood Sustainability Tour on October 26th, 2013. Throughout the tour, residents were introduced to sustainable elements already established in the community. These elements  included two school gardens, two community gardens, residents’ native and organic gardens, two local restaurants, and an energy efficient home.

3)   The creation of an asset map. Over 200 residents were surveyed in order to determine overall community value for the Franz Park/Dogtown neighborhood. The survey also determined the strengths and skills they have in the community, along with the skills they would like to possess.

4)   The purchase of rain barrels, compost bins, and native plants.

Through these events the Team successfully made progress in reaching set goals for sustainable growth.  These goals included long-term collaboration among the Clayton Tamm and Franz Park Community Associations and other community organizations and institutions. The Team  established  an understanding of core assets the community and residents possess, and saw a rise in involvement from community members. Along with providing support for local businesses, the Team also  supplied residents with new knowledge, skills, and tools to implement sustainable practices in their own homes and yards. This initiative has assisted in growing more socially, economically and environmentally sustainable Dogtown community.


July 2013-Sustainability Expo and Tour preparation

August 2013-Finalize details for Sustainability Expo and Tour including rain barrels, survey, and exhibitors

September 2013-Hosted Sustainability Expo and began advertising the Tour

October 2013-Hosted Sustainability Tour and Happy Hour


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