McKinley Meadows

Neighborhood: McKinley Meadows
Project Location: McKinley Heights
Project Sponsor: McKinley Heights Neighborhood Association
Sustainability Plan Category: Health, Well-Being & Safety

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McKinley Meados logos“McKinley Meadows”, an edible and pollinator garden,  inspired  McKinley Heights residents to gather together in order to learn,  rehabilitate the local ecosystem, and grow their own food. The McKinley Meadows team transformed a vacant LRA lot,  formally a neighborhood eyesore and illegal dumping ground, into a community space that improved the attractiveness of the neighborhood. This space now supports native habitat and wildlife, conserves resources, and encourages healthy living and interaction within the diverse community of McKinley Heights. Rather than creating a, private “community garden” the team established an accessible space for the entire community, providing equal access to produce and to all  the site has to offer.Most recently, McKinley Meadows has increased opportunities for neighbors to engage in healthy activities by branching out to the arts. A successful painting day was held on July 12th,  where neighbors were invited to create paintings influenced by the plants and activity at the Meadows.


Phase I: Grounds preparations and soil remediation

June & July 2013- Lot preparation: tree removal, brush clearing, mowing, and trash pick-up

August 2013-Plotted bed and tree locations, ordered trees, maintained lot, began raised bed construction

Phase II: Garden Infrastructure and Planting

September 2013-Completed bed construction; filled beds; tilled lot; started planting cover crops and fall greens

October 2013-Finished planting cover crops and fall vegetables; constructed compost bin

November 2013-Planted trees

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